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Membership benefits


  • Get «plugged in» to a Nordic financial industry network which focuses on handling cyber threats (Which is turn is «plugged in» to European and global networks.)
  • Get access to knowledge and information (including closed and non-public information)
  • Become a part of an active community of industry professionals whose job is to mitigate cyber risks in their institutions
  • Do «your share» and contribute to our purpose and vision of ensuring safe and trustworthy financial services in the Nordic society
  • Join a forward-thinking group of financial institutions who want to do their part in keeping our rapidly digital Nordic society trustworthy – and who wants to do more to meet the threats – together.


Members, vendors and partners


Eligible members, vendors and partners for Nordic Financial CERT are:
Members: An entity that is a licensed financial institution or that is subject to the supervision of a financial supervisory authority of a Nordic Country is eligible to be a member of Nordic Financial CERT.
Vendors: E.g. key member vendors
Partners/stakeholders: E.g. government (police, national CERT, FSA, central banks)


How to become a member


We are welcoming member applications from all Nordic countries now. To show your interest you can contact Nordic Financial CERT on


Nordic Financial CERT will send you an invitation to join the association with:

  • Articles of Association, Membership Application, Membership Agreement, Membership Fees presentation